[Review] Covenant Vol. 1 by LySandra Vuong *Review Copy*

Erza’s faith is waning when God intervenes and sends him on a mission to protect Sunny, an outwardly normal human, from demonic forces. Looks can be deceiving, however, as Sunny proves to have hidden secrets and a bloody past nipping at his heels. Between Erza’s sunny sarcasm, and Sunny’s closed-off distant demeanor, the two struggle to find any common ground to bridge the gap. Yet, as much as the two bicker and retain distance, neither can help but be drawn to the other.

With his church under scrutiny and the threat of war on the horizon, will Ezra find his conviction in time to keep Sunny safe? Will Sunny even accept his help? Or will they both suffer the consequences??

From debut creator LySandra Vuong comes the first volume of the supernatural action webcomic that explores religious faith, a slow burn queer romance, the weight of destiny, and what it means to be good in a world plagued by demons.

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Lately, I’ve been enjoying a lot of graphic novels and comics.

I usually do not expect a lot of depth from them given their brevity and lack of extensive text. Nonetheless, some of them allow me to feel with the characters and enjoy their story. This soon-to-be-printed Webtoon Comic give me quite a different experience though. From the very first page, I was bewitched by the set-up of this story, its world, and its characters. Getting to know Ezra and then Samson mid-fight was an absolute pleasure. I had so many questions and still have some remaining ones, but I am fully ready to get them in the following volumes.


For fans of The Exorcist and Supernatural

As rather the latter, I loved seeing the magnificent portrayal of demons and angels in this comic. Both are beautiful on their own regard. More than that, the main human characters made me immediately fall for them. I especially love their banter that reminded me a lot of Supernatural, but the group of friends is bigger. This means, we’ll have even more fun encounters, more background stories to discover. For now, we view the story mostly through Ezra’s perspective. In the second half of this volume, we also get to know Sunny and his former encounters with demons. Their “meet cute” was predetermined and I am down for their following confrontations as much as their inevitable relationship. Their slow burn has me already on my toes.



This story takes a lot of inspiration from biblical portrayals of angels and demons. Ezra’s whole responsibility is embedded into a covenant that fights and bans demons. Together with his friends, he goes through some rough (and amazingly drawn) fights. Nevertheless, Ezra is not yet completely convinced by the godly presence allegedly supporting their endeavor. Instead, he realistically believes solely in what he has witnessed. We get some intriguing glimpses into his history with Gabriel (so beautiful!) and I can’t wait to get more of their joint scenes! Every detail of this first volume has me only longing for more. Although I don’t like reading more than necessary on my phone or my laptop, I am really tempted to read this Webtoon ahead of its print publication.


In conclusion,

Although this first volume leaves us with many questions, the creator already sketched an intriguing world. Fighting demons and struggling with his belief, our protagonist is constantly challenged but has his amazing, cheeky friends at his side. I love their dynamics as much as every fight and new revelation. I can’t wait for more of all this!




There was no way I could wait until the second volume appears so I started reading the Webtoon instead. I finished the first season (including the First 50 episodes) in a few days. If that is not significant enough, let me tell you that I adore this comic! This first season allows us to know the big bad ones and experience so much action. Especially Ezra goes through some serious questioning of himself and his conviction.

The plot twists were well enacted by the creator. The characters and their fates grew quickly very close to my heart. And as a cherry on the cake, my hart jumped at every portrayal of the wohle group. It got even more excited when Sunny and Ezra showed some slight attraction and sympathy for each other. The revelations of this part are just as amazing as the slow burn between our protagonists. Additionally, there is some great banter, which makes me love the side characters, which geht quite some say in the story, a lot.



The creator:

LySandra Vuong is a comic artist and the creator of COVENANT, a WEBTOON Originals series. Formerly a mechanical engineer, they now draw hot priests for a living. Source

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