[Review] Three Swedish Mountain Men by Lilly Gold

After my ex-boyfriend makes me the target of a cruel online hate campaign, I know I have to get away. The last thing I expect on my trip to Sweden is a moose standing in the middle of the road – or the mysterious, bearded ranger who pulls me from my wrecked car.

Now a storm’s brewing, and I’m being carried into a secluded mountain cabin by a Nordic God rippling with muscle. Inside, I’m greeted by three sizzling-hot Swedish mountain men:

Riven, the cool, collected doctor with the muscled arms and the impeccable bedside manner.

Eli, the flirty ski instructor with the charming smile and dimples I’m dying to kiss.

And Cole, the rugged blonde ranger with the ice-blue eyes and a hammer to rival Thor.

Trapped inside the cabin, we only have the roaring fire-and each other-to keep warm. And things heat up fast. All three men are fiercely protective over me. They look like Vikings, kiss like angels, and best of all, they love sharing me. It feels too good to be true.

But I’m not who I say I am. When my mountain men find out my true identity, will they be able to forgive my lies and love the real me? Or will my dark, painful secret shatter our relationship to pieces?

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Three gorgeous men. One secluded Swedish mountain cabin. It looks like my vacation is about to heat up…

Heated up were also some other things. I am usually not one to choose a book due to its already obvious sexual tensions. But I personally brought this one up in our book club after seeing the German copy of it. I’ve never read a reversed harem story, not even a harem story. The latter just seems obviously distasteful, the former thereagainst could be entertaining. I nonetheless did not except a lot more than an erotica—a lot of sex and few character development. Every now and then, this is enjoyable as well. This book, nonetheless, triumphed with more than sex. I am proud to say that there is quite some character development within these 330 pages.


One big secret, three big…

This book throws us immediately into the story, onto a Swedish road, and Daisy into the arms of her two saviors. One of them is reserved, the other one charming from the first second. He won’t ever stop be, thank God. This contrast already intrigued me. More than that, their encounter therefore did not seem forced, neither the start of their relationship. When the third man comes into the picture, their attractivity surely tops each other, but they nonetheless are quite distinct characters. I loved discovering their backstories and personalities, which amazingly fitted each of their reaction to Daisy’s appearance. Their relations to her also gradually and naturally intensified. Certainly, they were a bit overdrawn and seem slightly rushed, but nonetheless not forced. Her trust in them increases naturally with their actions and their chemistry thus grows just the same.


An erotica with complex characters

This is not to say that the sex was not the most important part of the book. There is a lot of it. And there certainly is some lack of details for the sake of it as much as some illogical descriptions. This doesn’t take from the enjoyability and spiciness of the scenes. Nor does is make the characters shallow—to my absolute surprise. I really enjoyed the dialogues and the characters’ discussions, the setting, the humor, the NICKNAMES!

Next to Cole, Eli, and Riven, Daisy herself shows quite some change and development, and I loved to see them all grow closer and together. The book is certainly aiming for a bit of scandal and shock due the unconventional love story, but it certainly delivers it in an authentic and enjoyable way. One of its messages certainly is the big middle finger to snobs and sexists believing their relationship deviant. Lily Gold nonetheless presents the honesty and kindness of polyamorous love.


In conclusion,

My expectations weren’t too high, so it should not surprise me that this book surpassed them. Nevertheless, I am surprised by the amount of fun and even depth I experienced while reading it. It only took me four evening and I am definitely inclined to read another book by the author, now.



The author:

Lily Gold lebt in London, England, und schreibt zeitgenössische Liebesromane. Sie hat eine Schwäche für starke Männer mit großen Herzen und denkt, das Einzige, was besser ist als ein »book boyfriend«, sind zwei »book boyfriends« … oder vielleicht drei. Wenn sie nicht schreibt, liest sie normalerweise, tötet aus Versehen ihre Topfpflanzen oder sucht sich ein Haustier zum Kuscheln. Sie gibt auf TikTok und Instagram Einblicke unter @authorlilygold. Source

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